We are very aware of the importance you place on your child's education. Your child, their learning, and their wellbeing is at the epicenter of all our decisions, planning, and practice as we seek to extend on the reputation our school enjoys. GIS provides a board and balanced curriculum that inspires, motivates and challenges children of ages 6 through 11 in their learning. Our engaging learning environment facilitates a holistic approach to learning that provides children with a wide range of opportunities both in and out of the classroom that promote their personal, academic, creative and physical development.

What's Different?

  • Engaging learning and make it meaningful for students.
  • Recognize the growth and development vital to building a foundation for the educational life.
  • Place importance on both procedural and conceptual learning necessary to equip ongoing education.
  • Maintain a strong home-school community.
  • Tailor learning experiences for each individual child, based on their needs, interests, and talents.
  • Provide a well-rounded program that values the arts, physical education, language learning, and intellectual engagement that prepares for Junior High School.

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Global Indonesia School

Perumahan Emerald Lake, Jl.Boulevard Emerald, No.1,
Pelamunan, Kramatwatu, Serang 42161
Phone : (021) – 50106770
Whatsapp : +62 811 143 5499

Service Hours

Monday to Friday : 08.00 am to 04.00 pm Saturday : 09.00 am to 01.00 pm
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Copyright © 2021. Global Indonesia School. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2021. Global Indonesia School. All Rights Reserved.