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Learning is What We Do!

Discovering your unique passion and interests is an integral part of the school program.

Find Your Passion!

Extraordinary opportunities to explore, collaborate, and challenge yourself await.

Shaping Generations of Talents!

We equip students to excel in their aspirations while contributing positively to the world they inhabit.

Journey to Excellence!

Established in 2019, Global Indonesia School (GIS) is a private educational institution that conforms to national standards. Positioned within the Serang and Cilegon regions, GIS is committed to addressing the evolving requirements of diverse communities. The school places a strong emphasis on cultivating essential 21st-century skills and fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Student to Teacher Ratio

We provide personalized attention to every student, ensuring full support from our dedicated teachers and delivering a customized learning experience.


square meters of lush green grounds

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Around 600 happy students and 3 nationalities


Fluent in three languages: Indonesian, English, and Mandarin.

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Student Admission to Higher Education

Destinations of GIS Students

100% of GIS graduates choose to continue to University after graduating.

Every GIS graduate, without exception, opts to pursue higher education after completing their studies. We empower students to choose the university that best suits their aspirations. GIS alumni are enrolled in a diverse array of universities in Indonesia and across the globe.

Are you prepared to embark on the journey toward your future career?