Every student is encouraged to join clubs, organizations, teams, and groups to follow their passions, try new things, and further develop their learning at GIS.


Discover a world beyond textbooks at Global Indonesia School through our vibrant extracurricular activities.

Engage in leadership development with student clubs or explore your artistic side in drama and music societies. These activities are designed to enhance skills, build character, and create lasting memories. We are committed to providing a holistic education that goes beyond traditional classrooms, ensuring our students thrive not only academically but also as well-rounded individuals.

At GIS, there is every opportunity for our students to be exposed to new experiences and to follow their passions. 


Many Extracurricular Options

For students who want to develop their interests, there are many additional activities that can be taken part in through extracurricular activities. With a large selection of extracurricular programs available, it aims to offer quality and interest-filled academic, fitness, creative and sporting activities outside of the normal curriculum Global Indonesia School in order to better serve our students.


After School Activities

Most GIS students participate in one of the many activities that occur at school. After School Activities at GIS are geared towards increasing socialization, self-confidence, life skills, teamwork, strategic thinking, social service, and fun.

The following are several examples of After School Activity Displays at Global Indonesia School.