Senior High

Senior High

GIS Senior High is where students begin to explore how their passions and love of learning translate into life beyond school.

Senior High

GIS students leave high school with confidence that they have the ability to succeed in whatever path they choose.

By providing an academic program that is challenging and individualized, every student at GIS high school develops as a learner and as a person. We are committed not only to academic rigor and success, but also to preparing students for adulthood and life after high school. There is a path for every student and it is our responsibility to help students discover what is right for them.

A Place to Grow

International and national curricula that leads to a broader understanding of deep subject knowledge.

Instruction from state-certified teachers.

An individualized learning plan tailored to students’ strengths and needs.

Access to online learning and variety of support-all designed to help students feel connected and engaged to meet their individual goals.

Driven to acquire communication and collaborative skills, to work with real projects and problems, and to manage change.

Career guidance to pursue a degree in higher education.

University & College

All university visitors are provided with tables to display information and resources for students.
For university tours or large group trips, you can contact:

Our program supports students during their educational and personal journeys, helping them to discover what they are capable of and identify how they will contribute to a global society. The GIS Senior High reflects our commitment to an international community where cross-cultural awareness promotes a respect for all individuals.


Each student has a counselor who will help them choose a course and find the best university for them.

Where GIS
Students Go

GIS graduates choose to continue their education at universities all over the world.