About GIS

Our school is a diverse blend of various religions and international backgrounds. Join us in celebrating uniqueness, fostering understanding, and creating a vibrant community together!"
About GIS

Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity.

At GIS, we take pride in being a community of teaching and learning, respect, inclusion, and global citizenship. Our diverse community comprises individuals from all over Indonesia and overseas. Our primary focus is to strengthen and develop core academics and character, with an emphasis on Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity.
We understand that a future-ready curriculum that is personalized and meaningful is essential to engaging learners and ensuring their success in the era of globalization and the digital age.
We excel with leading-edge facilities that support independent inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaborative study. We exercise, do drama productions, paint, and create. Our students can explore and grow in a safe environment and are encouraged to follow their passions to achieve maximum success.
Our Mission and Values guide everything that we do from how we learn to the dispositions that GIS students gain while at our school.

Student Day to Day Activities

“Educate the younger generation to be self-reliant, creative, innovative, responsible, and open to insights as a part of being a citizen of the word.”