Well Being

Well Being

We take health and safety very seriously at Global Indonesia School. We know that students learn best when they are happy and healthy. The GIS Nurse’s Office plays an important role in the health and care of our students.

GIS Nurses

The role and responsibility of the Nursing Room is to provide professional and caring support to all students, teachers and staff who require medical attention while at school. Our experienced nursing team provides information and services on how to maintain health.

Wellness Check: The Significance of Regular Health Assessments for Students

Regular health assessments for students go beyond a routine checkup; they are a proactive approach to fostering overall well-being. By monitoring students' health, we can identify potential issues early, ensuring prompt intervention and maintaining a healthy learning environment. This article highlights the importance of health assessments in promoting student vitality, preventing health-related obstacles to academic success, and establishing a foundation for a thriving and resilient student community.

Boosting Health, Enhancing Achievement: The Importance of Immunization for Students

Immunization is not just a shield against diseases; it's a key to ensuring students stay healthy and perform at their best. In a crowded school environment, immunization builds a defense against various contagious diseases, helping maintain student attendance in class and supporting consistent learning. This article will delve into the significance of immunization in ensuring student health, preventing the spread of diseases within the school environment, and providing a strong foundation for their growth and development.