Primary School

Primary School

Primary school is when students to start to build on their curiosities and love of learning.

Primary School

These “formative years” often hold a special place in people’s hearts — and they should!

We are very aware of the importance you place on your child’s education. Your child, their learning, and their wellbeing is at the epicenter of all our decisions, planning, and practice as we seek to extend on the reputation our school enjoys.

GIS provides a board and balanced curriculum that inspires, motivates and challenges children of ages 6 through 11 in their learning.

What's Unique!

Engaging learning and make it meaningful for students.

Recognize the growth and development vital to building a foundation for the educational life.

Place importance on both procedural and conceptual learning necessary to equip ongoing education.

Maintain a strong home-school community.

Tailor learning experiences for each individual child, based on their needs, interests, and talents.

Provide a well-rounded program that values the arts, physical education, language learning, and intellectual engagement that prepares for Junior High School.

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Student Experience

Students and parents get to take part in several events and celebrations throughout the school year. These are some of the most talked about and remembered times of the GIS Primary School experience.
Chinese New Year
National Sports Day
Independen Day

Our program supports students during their educational and personal journeys, helping them to discover what they are capable of and identify how they will contribute to a global society. The GIS Primary School reflects our commitment to an international community where cross-cultural awareness promotes a respect for all individuals.

Student Activities

Every year, a highlight for students is joining sports, music, dance, and art clubs with the school.