University Placement

University Placement Service

Guarantee of advancement to well-known universities at home and abroad

We are proud to announce that our top graduates have successfully continued their education at some of the leading universities. They have been well prepared during their time at our school and are now ready to explore their academic journey.
*When you graduate with degree preparation at the minimum required level and with good attendance.

Network of universities

Our commitment to academic excellence extends beyond boundaries as we collaborate with a diverse and esteemed network of universities globally. Discover unparalleled opportunities for higher education and a pathway to success through our extensive network.
Whether you aspire to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies, our carefully curated selection of partner universities ensures a world-class education that aligns with your goals.

Where are GIS students after graduation?

At Global Indonesia School (GIS), our commitment extends beyond the classroom. We take pride in guiding our students towards a bright future, even after graduation.
Our dedicated support system ensures that graduates are assisted in pursuing their academic aspirations at renowned universities, both domestically and internationally. Whether it's navigating the admissions process, exploring scholarship opportunities, or providing valuable insights into potential career paths, we are dedicated to empowering our students for success.

Destinations of GIS Students

Every GIS graduate, without exception, opts to pursue higher education after completing their studies. We empower students to choose the university that best suits their aspirations. GIS alumni are enrolled in a diverse array of universities in Indonesia and across the globe.