The Ministry of Education, Culture Research and Technology conducts the Indonesian National Assessment annually for Grade 5, 8, and 11. It involves a maximum of 45 students from each school to evaluate their performance and the quality of services provided by the school based on the results. The National Assessment comprises three parts: Minimum Competency Assessment (AKM), Character Survey, and Learning Environment Survey. AKM evaluates students' numeracy and literacy skills using questions that require higher-order thinking skills.

AKM serves as a tool to accelerate the improvement of the quality of education in Indonesia. The Character Survey assesses students' social-emotional learning outcomes and aims to instill the Pancasila ideology. It measures six main indicators, including faithfulness and devotion to Almighty God, noble characters, global diversity, independence, mutual cooperation, critical reasoning, and creativity. The Learning Environment Survey evaluates and maps the supporting aspects of the quality of learning in the school environment.

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Copyright © 2021. Global Indonesia School. All Rights Reserved.